Here is a list of the more common questions we get. You might find the answer to one of your questions below.


Q: What types of services does Henna Garden provide?
Henna Garden provides a full range of event planning and entertainment services. The Events and Entertainment pages of this website will provide you with detailed information on how Henna Garden can make your next event the best ever. Simply click on the links below.

Q:  What if the event or theme I was looking for is not listed on this website?
The events and themes listed on the Henna Garden website are only a sample of what Henna Garden has to offer. Feel free to contact us [email protected] with your fantasy and watch Henna Garden turn it into a reality.

Q:  What communities does Henna Garden service?
Henna Garden has offices in San Francisco and New York which cover all of Northern California and the tri-state area. Henna Garden can make special arrangements for events nationwide.

Q:  What is the smallest increment of time I can hire an artist for?
Typically Henna Garden artists are billed in one hour increments.

Q:  How far in advance should I book an event with Henna Garden?
Henna Garden prefers to work with you in the early stages of your event in order to assure your satisfaction and the event’s success. However, if Henna Garden has the staff available, we will accommodate last minute requests.

Q:  Do you have entertainment appropriate for children?
Henna Garden has everything from circus acts to clowns to amuse your little ones.

Q:  Can we videotape or take pictures of the entertainment you provide?
Henna Garden requests that you request consent of the entertainers in advance and can facilitate this for you.

Q:  Do you require a deposit?
Henna Garden requires a deposit to hold your space on our busy calendar.


Q: Where does henna come from?
Henna comes from a small shrub brush that grows about 4 feet high called lawsonia inermis. It is grown in various tropical climates of Asia and Africa.

Q: Does getting a henna tattoo hurt?
No. In fact, henna has a cooling, refreshing effect on the skin, most people comment that it is very relaxing. Henna not only feels good, but it also has a therapeutic aroma. The henna is applied topically with an applicator and the process of getting a tattoo is like putting frosting onto a cake. Your skin absorbs the henna so that there is no breaking of the skin.

Q: Is it temporary?
Yes. A henna tattoo will stain the skin from 1-4 weeks. Generally most tattoos last two weeks. The variation of the stain depends on where you put the henna design, where the pores are larger, the henna will absorb more, therefore leaving a deeper, longer stain. Then when the henna fades, it fades completely, leaving no marks on the skin.

Q: What color will the henna stain appear as on my skin?
The henna will develop into a rich, dark brown. When the henna paste is removed from the skin, the color’s first stage is a pale orange that develops into a reddish brown within the first 24 hours. Within the following 24 hours, the reddish brown darkens to its starkest shade of a rich brown. Gradually, the color will fade completely.

Q: When and where would it be appropriate to do henna tattooing?
From formal holiday parties to casual birthday parties, henna tattoos are great for any type of gathering. Spice up your next office party or treat your significant other to a surprise treat with a unique henna tattoo custom designed to fit your personality.